Hey, partner.

The Partner Program is your opportunity to grow in the ever-evolving gaming and Esports community. Whether you are someone who wants to organize their own events, attract attention to their business or just unite the community of gamers.


We want to collaborate with even organizers and venue owners that are looking to bring more exposure to their business. They are the ones that want the bring the best of gaming and Esports events to the people in their area. They want to connect with their customer, to give them a place to call home.

Our platform is made to support communities that want to hold regular social events, doesn’t really matter if it’s game night or karaoke night. Even streamers and coaches that want to boost their career by reaching out to gamers that resonate with them.

Publishers are one of the cornerstones of the gaming industry. A publisher should be looking for ways to grow with their audiences. Esports Tickets is that place for those gamers and therefore makes it the ideal place for you to communicate with those gamers.


Thanks to our organizational and management tools. You’re able to create beautiful event pages in an instant the entire workflow is optimized for your convenience. We know that every minute counts.

Our users have personalized accounts, our powerful search engine is then able to take this data in to account during searched. This means they only see events that actually interest them. For partners this results in more meaningful impressions.

Partners gather detailed analytics on all engagements with their events. Data like what games are they into, what are their preferred genres, what other sorts of events did they attend, etc. Thanks to all this data you will be creating successful events.

The gamers on our platform are ready to engage with communities, organisation and influencers. They want the best for the games they love to play or love to watch. They want to feel more connected to the gaming industry.

But that’s not all the perks, you’ll also get

  • Access to premium Beam.gg features for free.
  • Receive Partner schwag and merchandise!
  • Unlock the Partner trophy.
  • Show off a Partner badge along with your class badge.
  • Special rates for ticket sales and subscriptions.
  • Finally, an invite to the best community in the world: The Beam Partners.


After applying

it can take up to 3 business days before we process your application. This is because we want to handle every application with absolute care and attention. Our team however works very hard to launch our platform without any difficulties, so chances are we will get to your application a lot sooner.